Control FPWIN Pro

Control FPWIN Pro 6.2

Optimizes the efficiency of programming projects
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Panasonic Electric Works Europe AG
Increase the productivity of programming operations by splitting the larger projects into several parts and managing their code in a stable environment with an option of seamless merging. The ability to assign lack-boxes also ensures security and data theft prevention.

-Five programming languages can be used
Programming can be done using the language most familiar to the developer or using the language most suited to the process to be performed. High-level (structured text) languages that allow structuring, such as C, are supported.
-Easy to reuse well-proven programs
Efficiency when writing programs has been greatly increased by being able to split programming up for each function and process using structured programming.
-Keep know-how from getting out
By "lack boxing" a part of a program, you can prevent know-how from leaking out and improve the program's maintainability.
-Uploading of source programs from PLC possible
Maintainability increased by being able to load programs and comments from the PLC.
This only applies to FP-X, FPΣ and FP2 (with comment memory) and to FP2SH and FP10SH (with card board).
-Programming for all modelsin the FP sereis possible.
Any model can be used.

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